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You could also do this song with a capo on the 3rd fret and the chords would be: Cm= Am  Ab= F  Bb=G

(Cm)You're so free
That's what everybody's telling me
Yet I feel I'm like an (Ab)outward-bound, (Bb)pushed around, (Cm)refugee
Something's wrong, got a feeling that I don't belong
As if I have come from (Ab)outer space, (Bb)out of place, (Cm)like King Kong

(no chord)I'm a marionette, just a marionette, pull the string
I'm a marionette, everybody's pet, just as long as I sing
I'm a marionette, see my pirouette, 'round and 'round
I'm a marionette, I'm a marionette, just a silly old clown

Like a doll, like a puppet with no will at all
And somebody taught me how to talk, how to walk, how to fall
Can't complain, I've got no-one but myself to blame
Something's happening I can't control, lost my hold, it's insane


Look this way, just a little smile, is what they say
You look better on the photograph if you laugh, that's okay!!


You're so free
That's what everybody's telling me
Yet I feel I'm like an outward-bound, pushed around, refugee
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