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(Mac Davis)

I'm just a country boy as little I can offer you
Just rhymes and melodies are all I have to give
But I've made friends with lines and I may comfort you
If you just come with me I'll show you how to live.

I'll sing you a morning with laughing bluebirds
I'll sing you a fairytale full of ribbons and crape paper words
I'll sing you a rainbow you can keep for your own
I'll sing you a morning I'll paint you a song.

I look inside your eyes and find a little girl
Whose dreams have turned to sand somewhere along her way
But if you'll close your eyes and step inside my world
I'll take you by the hand and we'll find a brand new day.

I'll sing you a mellow with marsh mellow shies
I'll sing you a puppy dog with a pink tongue and big loving eyes
I'll sing you a sunset that flows all night long
I'll sing you a meadow I'll paint you a song.

Won't you come along?...
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