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 "Aaron Tippin" 
 "Sticks And Stones" 
 "Transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net 
 (G)Girl i've got scars,and i've seen stars,From 
 (C)men nearly 
 (D)twice my 
 (G)size.Hit with sticks and stones and broke a few bones. 
 (C)but i've allways sur 
 (G)When I take a look at all I've took,It 
 (C)don't seem 
 (D)right to 
 (G)me.How a little bitty woman with just just a few 
 (G)words could 
 (C)bring me to my 
 (G)Sticks and 
 (C)stones wouldn't hurt a bit' 
 (G)compared to the cold cruel 
 (C)words that just left your 
 (D)lips i'd rather you 
 (C)picked up a rock a  
 (D)stick full of 
 (G)thorns rared back and let her 
 (C)fly.Cause those sticks wouldn't 
 (D)stones hurt as much as the 
 (G)sound of your goodbye. 
 Yes I know i'm the reason,for your leavin'.I'm to blame sure enough. 
 It's like you say there's not a woman made,who can live without true love. 
 So if it's too late to set things streight,there's no forgivin' me. 
 Don't say nothin' just pick up somethin' that'll end this misery. 
 (repeat 2) 
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