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 {Intro} G 
                 G                       C              G 
 1.There was a brand new stranger at the old bus station 
                             D         G 
   He said Music City is my destination 
                 C                       D 
   He said the whole wide world's gonna sing my songs 
                G                   C 
   And you can take that to the bank 
   G          C 
 C. I'm on a mission 
   G          C 
    I'm on a mission 
   G   D                      G 
    I'm on a mission from Hank 
 2.He got a furnished room and a job at the market 
   He kept a little notebook in his back pocket 
   And every time you'd see him he was writing a song, 
   And he'd never leave one page blank 
   He'd say... 
    G        Csus   C  Dsus  D            G 
 B1.Well, he sang when no   one would listen 
           Csus    C        Em            D 
    So, he sang until they hung on every word 
 3.But then one day his phone started ringing 
   They said we want you and the songs you've been singing 
   And the kid said fine just give me some time 
   To talk to my patron saint 
   You see... 
 B2.That night as he laid in the darkness 
    Old Luke the Drifter came to him and said 
 4.Now here's your chance boy go on and take it 
   Just sing from the heart and you're gonna make it 
   But if anybody tries to change you 
   Into something that you ain't 
   You tell them...
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