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I'm tired of drifting
I'm tired of lying
I've been walking
When I could have been flying
Sitting and waiting
In a life slowly dying
When the sun comes up tomorrow
I'll ask my heart where to follow

Midnight soul
Searching for dreams
Looking for answers
Walking the lonely road
With all the other
Neon dancers

Like a child
In the dark
On an endless night
Dancing with shadows
Underneath the street light
With all the other beautiful losers
At the edge of their lives
Forever falling
While pretending to fly

Midnight soul
Hide from the sun
Stardust romancers
Walking the lonely road
With all the other
Streetwise chancers
Always a child
Chasing your dreams
Looking for answers
Won't you be my midnight soul

And together
Maybe we can find a better life tomorrow
And there'll be no more sorrow
Maybe we can find a better life tomorrow
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