A. F. I.

A. F. I. - The Lost Souls

Parody of "Honey I'm Home" by Shania Twain (S. Twain/R. J. Lange) Universal Music Publishing Group (BMI)/Zomba Music Publishing (BMI)

New lyrics & music by Cledus T. Judd/Chris Clark, Cledus Crap Anthems (SESAC)/Of Music (SESAC)

Let's get jiggy with it


My front won't crank

I owe the bank

I'm gonna pay em back but right now I can't

My record went gold half a million sold

My wallet was fat

But I spent all that

(All that)

Just when I bought

Things I couldn't afford

Now Uncle Sam's knocking on my door

All that stress I'm so depressed

Do not mess with the IRS.

Loan shark says its time to pay

Says I got till the end of the day

Nothing left to do but pray





One more day

Shania I'm broke

I need help right away

I blew what little bit of money I made

You and me where on C.M.T.

So why can't I seem to make ends meet

Radio Shack keeps a billing me

They say their gonna repo my color TV

Pick up the phone

Throw the man a loan




Shania I'm Broke

I'm poor as hell

Can't ya tell

That's why I've got my house for sale

I try in vain

But it's not the same

I just can't emulate Mutt Lange

Have you got a place that I can stay

Maybe just for a couple days

Check with Mutt see if it's ok





On my way

Shania I'm broke

And I need a pay day

If you got an extra million send a little my way

If Shania was mine didn't make me a dime

So I had to steal your song just one more time

Look-y who's back it's Cledus T.

I know ya thought you'd heard the last of me

This aint no joke

Your my only hope




Shania I'm broke

Aww write a check will ya

Hey Shaina I tell ya what I'll do if ya let me borrow $135 dollars

To pay my stretch Yugo payment

I'll give you four free hair cuts and a bang trim

And even sing backgrounds on your next record


Shania I'm broke

I'm ashamed to say

That Super Bowl bet didn't go my way

Won't ya please buy my new CD

Or I'll be filing bankruptcy

All my creditors are suing me

I owe back taxes from 93

I know your home so pick up the phone


Me today

Shania I'm broke

I'm broke

Man I'm broke

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