A. F. I.

A. F. I. - The Days Of Phoenix

Look at that Walking Stick

I'm just a Walking Stick

He's on the ceiling

And I'm on the floor

Pick up my walking stick

I'm just a walking stick

I don't belong in this house anymore

than he, than he, than he does he, than he

He must have slipped in

'Cause he got thirsty

Needed protection from enemies

He saw the light on

He's here for entertainment

He doesn't know they're misery

to see, to see, misery to see, to see

Instrumental break with various groans

There goes the Walking Stick

Back out the front door

He wants to eat

Some bugs in the yard

Am I a Walking Stick?

Now I'm on all-fours

Do I belong here?

Decisions are

so hard, so hard, to make so hard, so hard

Repeat first verse and random choruses to end

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