A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember - A Shot In The Dark

When I was a kid

Puzzles were the best

You took a great memory and then you

Tore 'em all to shreds

Picking up the pieces

Remember where they fell

Couldn't find that one last piece to fill

That empty well

Veins are runnin' dry

Confusion in my mind

Where's that one last piece, man, I think

I'm going blind

I'm sick of this jigsaw

I think I'm cracking up

Why can't I find the piece

That's lacking in my guts

The top is off the box is gone

The puzzles laid out on the floor

I've held the piece in my hand

I know I've seen it here before

Empty space, incomplete

Is the puzzle of my soul

If I search on my knees I know I'll find

The peace that fills the hole

Searching through the what-if's

What about the maybe's

I think about the time that's spent

Trying to separate these

Driven to the brink

Maybe pushing crazy

I have seen the enemy and the enemy is me

I can't fight any longer

The battle's already won

If I only saw it earlier

How could I have been so dumb

The piece was in the sky

Reflected in my eyes

Now my old self I hardly recognize

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