A Cuatro Patas

A Cuatro Patas - Quiero

(feat. Drunken Dragon, Ol' Dirty Bastard)


Yeah yeah (come on)


Minds Start to freeze at ease

(ah na Nigga) Its the Wu-Tang Killa Bees

Brooklyn Zu

(yeah) Mad Twos

Coming at your avenue

36 Chambers at a theater Near you

You don't know what can happen

We are gonna take it to a new level in hip-hop

[Chorus - ODB]

Wu gots like come on through, Sooooh is the call for the Wu

Zu gots like come on through, Soooooh is the call for the Zu

If your from the east coast and your down with Brooklyn Zu

Soooh thats the call for your crew

If your from the west coast and your down with Brooklyn Zu

Soooh thats the call for your crew

[Buddha Monk]

They call me heatmizer

Blowing my top your not wiser

The lyrical robber

I burn ya ass like Lava


Plus you can bust my crust

They call me road runner I leave ya ass in the dust

I drink the heat beneath the Earth's core

6 Million and 50 degrees maybe more

Over ground mounds, metallic minerals, enough flesh

Leaving mother fuckers in a mess

Myyyy crustal plate, you cant separate my colossal force

BLAST!! your off course

Drying molting rock, I can flow nonstop

Condense with sea water watch me spin like a top

For miles and miles deep

You cant endure the heat

Be the first to run or the last nigga sleep

I sore with the glasses, Thick like molasses

Now I breath exhale the poison gases


[Drunken Dragon]

Now take this

I hit you with the drunken dragon fist

Got the funk for you mind leaving niggas in bliss

I look deep in your eyes, digging into your soul

Pulling out the inner thoughts, weak minds behold

I know exactly what your thinking

Wait for you to blink and hit you with a rhyme and make your ego sinking

I send your wack ass back to class, learn something

So you can peep the real shit and you can stop fronting

On your phony block, with your phony glock

And so you slip, when niggas burn the drama they put text on your lips

Booka Blaww! Son I just about thought of that shit

So you want to be a gansta rapper boy you get the dick

The drunken dragon coming at you

If I hear you say Brooklyn Zu then I say who you!



Now back the fuck up before I use my gat

Spray two to your neck, and four to your back

Its the hard-core warrior straight from Madena

Look upon my face it shows no ameba

Brooklyn Zu, Killa bees on the swarm

I bee in your area so sound the alarm

Monks in the front, not the fucking trunk

Knocking down niggas, and girls see the lump

Shit is real, yes im hitting hot like spiel

Im coming through your town, so its best that your peel

For real

Yes I get dirty with my skills

No slacks in my thoughts no time for me (cough)

Niggas your crazy I leave no fucking traces

When I leave it on your ass you be desinergrated

Crazy lunatic, with the style thats sick

Somebody in my click is bound to set up it, ya hit

By the strikes shit that I fist, Im just like the devil I dont play no tricks


[ODB, Drunken Dragon and Buddha Monk]


yeah, yeah

1070 New York Ave

All my niggas on New York Ave

Drunken Dragon

RR keep it real, (DONT FUCK WITH MEEEEE!!)

Texas yo

We Love ya

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