A 1

A 1 - Caught In The Middle guitar tab

!!! You can use Bb or A#maj, but I think Bb is better!!!

Intro:   Dm    ……………………. Am

Verse:  Dm                                   Am

     You said that love was just a state of mind


A puzzle made of pieces you can't find


But for me you never really had the time

               Gm         C

I was blind, oh yeah.


Dm            Am

        And everything that you meant to me


Is written in the pages of my history


But it's over now as far as I can see

Gm          C


Chorus:     F                                                   C

Things are so different now you're gone

                                                         Am        Bb

Thought it'd be easy, I was wrong (and now I'm caught)


And now, I'm caught in the middle


Even though I'm with someone new

  Am     Bb

All I can think about is you (and now I'm caught)


And now, I'm caught in the middle

Verse3:    (same as Verse 1 and 2)

Dm Am

         Moving on she brings me brighter days


But thoughts of you are in my mind always


Like a memory that I can't erase

  Gm             C

It's here to stay, oh oh...



       Gm            Cmaj          Gm                Cmaj

         (So Different) (So Easy)

So different, so easy,      I can't get over you

Gm            Cmaj     Gm                Cmaj

         (So Different) (So Easy)

So different, so easy, I can't get over you,Baby

Chorus x2

Chorus but slow and When it’s reach wrong….. and  you…… the sound is longer.

End slowly.

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