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by Seven Mary Three
from their latest album Rock Crown
transcribed by Denis Severino

This is my translation of this tune and it's pretty straight forward.
Standard tuning, no capo. The verse and chorus have only one chord with changing base notes and there is a breif bridge near the end which is a piece of cake. In my opinion, 7m3 performs this song so well because the vocals are sung with such emotion, with the back up picking guitar adding to this, and the cymbals create an effective and spontaneous build up leading to the chorus. I haven't heard it in a while but I believe I remember an organ in the background. Anyways, have fun and if you have any comments I would be pleased to hear them at mseverino@geocities.com



You can probably figure out the strumming patttern on your own. This
is the same chord with three different base notes. A tip is to hit the
base note singally then strum the chord a few times again hitting each
base note singally a few times during the progression. The chord
leading into each chorus is an E major which replaces the chord with
the E base note as shown above.



Same kinda thing as the verse but more powerful. I strum the chorus
as opposed to the verse where I pick one or two string at a time.



This is the bridge between the two choruses at the end of the
song. This part should be played softly.

by Seven Mary Three

Mean Mr. Mustard says he's bored of life in the district
Can't afford the French Quarter High, says it get old real quick
And he pales up next to me, scrawled on the pavement
It says son, time is all the luck you need

And if I say lucky then my tonuge'll stay tied
And I won't betray the things that I hide
There's not enough years underneath this belt
For me to admit the way that I felt

Mean Mr. Mustard says don't be the wave that crashes
From a sea of discontent, he says he's wrestled with that blanket
It leaves you cold and wet, anyway you stretch it
Divine apathy, the disease of my youth, watch that you don't catch it

I'm the wave that crashes, from
A sea that turns itself
Inside out every chance I get
See what it's like in hell, yeah e yeah
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