50 Cent feat Akon

50 Cent feat Akon - I'll still kill lyrics


Mystic intro for the appearance of the leader of a sect.

"The Other Side"

Speech of the leader in front of his followers;

he demands they follow his orders and fight against their enemies.

"Celebrate Your Loot"

A song specifically against the catholic church

of the middle ages, asking them to celebrate

the riches of their loot - even nowadays.

"Six Billion Reasons To Hate"

Metal song about the apocalypse and today's bigotry.

"Flashback Of A Poor Man"

An organ doner who, in need of money, promises a doctor

to let him have his organs. He can't pay back the money

and is eviscerated while still alive.

"Shut Your Mouth"

More than just dissatisfaction with politics;

we ask the politicians to shut up. No more lies,

bigotry and corruption that they receive salaries

for, a normal person can't even imagine.


Virus alert in a research lab.

"Perfect / Infect"

Sarcastic, apocalyptic lyrics similar to Mad Max.

"Into the Light"

Just like the light draws the butterfly, the woman

in this song is drawn to drugs which eventually kill her.

"It's over now, you went straight into the light".


Scream: In a small community a girl is raped and killed.

A handicapped outsider, who everbody thinks is of unsound

mind, is being accused and lynched by the mob.


Don't take this as an invitation to go kill your neighbour!

A song about a man gone beserk, who, due to several strokes

of fate, starts killing his neighbours randomly and senselessly.

"Behind My Eyes"

A ballad about birth, life and death.

What is left of a child's enthusiasm once it has grown up?

What does one leave behind once one is dead?

Live your life to the fullest!.

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