5 CHINESE BROTHERS - These Dreams lyrics

Every day I get up and the day begins

And every day I dig a hole and I fill it in

People say, "You're crazy, man, now don't you care

But I know there's treasure buried right down there

I watch my dreams collect like dirt around a poor boy's neck

These dreams shine like diamonds

Dwon in my soul

These dreams shine like diamonds

And I'm digging for coal

Sometimes it gets so hard to bear

When people look at me like I'm not even there

Or ask me what I've got to say

And nod their heads like it don't matter anyway

They don't pay me any mind cause I'm too dumb or they're too blind

I see people get ahead

Or people eating cake instead of daily bread

But I ain't got it all that rough

If dreams don't take me anywhere they seem to take me far enough

It ain't much but it's okay to sleep all night and dream all day

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