5 CHINESE BROTHERS - The Boy From New York City Girl From Tennessee lyrics

(tom meltzer)

Once I had a sweetheart

She meant the world to me

I met her on the road one night when we were in tennessee

I met her in a barroom after we'd done a show

We sat and talked about the louvins 'til the 'tender called time to go

She wrote her address on a napkin

I wrote mine on my cd

She said, it was sure nice talking to you

I said, you'll be hearing from me

I wrote her a letter the next day

She wrote one in return

The letters we wrote each other could have made the mailbox burn


I wrote her a long letter and told her that I loved her so

And if she'd come to new york to the altar we would go

I sent it with a dozen roses and I waited for her reply

Til the day the letter came my way that made me want to die

It said, I know that you love new york

So wild and fancy free

And I love you, dear,

But I also love my home in tennessee

Now I know that you'd be no more happy here than in the city I would be

So though I love you dear

I'm gonna stay right here

Home in tennessee


And now I know I will never wed

But a bachelor I'll always be

'cause my heart belongs to a pretty girl down in tennessee


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