5 CHINESE BROTHERS - Stop Talking lyrics

Please stop talking, we know where we went wrong

Don't convince me, it won't matter when oyu're gone

I remember how it was, I don't want to reminisce

you don't have to set me straight, I don't want to learn from this

Please stop talking

I don't need to know the reason why

Please stop talking

You should've stopped talking when you said goodbye

Break out the sticks and stones, that's how it's supposed to be

Tell your brothers what I did, tell them instead of telling me

You can stab me in the back some day,you can drown me in your tears

I don't care if you poison me, just don't pour it in my ears

Please stop talking, you can save your breath

You never told me this before, you don't have to worry me to death

If I could get a word in here, if I could have one final wish

I'd wish you only loved me half as much as you're enjoying this

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