5 CHINESE BROTHERS - She’s A Waitress lyrics

Tom meltzer

She reminds you of your mother in a dirty sort of way

When she brings you your food and she takes it away

She smiles at you when you clean your plate

Makes you feel like a big strong man

Is she winking at you or is that something in her eye?

Are you making too much of her giggles and sighs?

The only thing you've talked about is coffee and fries

But she's a waitress so she understands

So, you take my order, I'll take my time

I'm looking you over while I'm making up my mind

Put on the skillet, put on the bread

I'll pretend I'm home, getting breakfast in bed

She don't leave me fed up, she just leaves me well fed

She's a waitress and she understands

In her tight uniform with a low-cut neck

And the way that the grease mixes with her sweat

She smells as good as the inside of a new corvette

She fits your dreams like a baseball glove

And when she smiles at you, that's when you realize

That's not the way she smiles at all the other guys

You see her sneak a peek from behind the pies

She's a waitress, and you're in love


(last line: she's a waitress, and I'm in love)

Now you see her give the fry-cook a secret kiss

And the ring on her finger that you previously missed

Maybe you're not the guy she can't resist

And your breakfast is almost done

So you swear that you'll never fool yourself anymore

Then you remember as you're walking out the door

There's still lunch and dinner and a thousand meals more

With a waitress at every one


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