5 CHINESE BROTHERS - My Love For You Has Turned To Hate lyrics

We were sweethearts in summer, lovers by fall

But wintertime came and put a chill to it all

Now we cannot forgive what we will not forget

We've both said things that we should regret

Now my love for you has turned to hate

It's a total reevrsal of emotional states

A sad conclusion I have to relate

My love for you has turned to hate

The bright summer sun left us blinded and sure

That we'd both found a love that was bound to endure

But then the clouds rolled in and as my eyes adjusted

I was staring at someone who just couldn't be trusted

I felt the hot summer sun through my cotton shirt

Then I had wine that reminded me of cherries and dirt

But then I caught the smell of fresh fallen leaves

And heard a lonely bird singing in a skeleton tree

Now there's snow on the ground and a chill in my heart

I'm waiting for the thaw and a brand-new start

I know Spring follows Winter, then it's Summer again

But I don't think that we'll ever be friends

I'll say it one more time in case you came in late

My love for you has turned to hate

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