5 CHINESE BROTHERS - Jack Worships Janey lyrics

Jack's got a suit and tie

Jane still thinks that he's a pretty nice guy

But she left him a while ago, things got strange

Jack got into banking and Jane got into change

Jane left the Village after the war

Jack stuck around to ride his rising star

Jack worships Janey from afar

Jack had a dream that he would make it some day

Then he'd take all his money and he'd move far away

Jane thought that waiting was all for the worse

'Cause dreams are in your head, not in your purse

Jane left to liveo ut her dream

Jack's still making that same old tired scene

Jack worships Janey from afar

Jane moved to Philly and she got along fine

Got herself a job with the Suicide Line

She does what she likes and she likes a whole lot

And she doesn't ever worry about things that she ain't got

Jack bought himself a brand-new car

A sporty MG with four on the floor

Jack worships Janey from afar

Jack gets depressed but he don't know why

He loves his loft in Soho and he loves his wife

But he dreams about Janey when the lights are low

Sitting by the fire, listening to the radio

He knows his life will never be nothing but OK

Sometimes at night you can hear Jack pray

Jack worships Janey from afar

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