5 CHINESE BROTHERS - Don’t Regret lyrics

Paul foglino

She twists a finger in her hair

She lights a cigarette

She says someday I'm going to leave

And someday you'll forget

It might be tomorrow, it might never be

Don't regret, don't regret

Some folks want love like a razor

Where every kiss comes out a threat

Love is a dollar to everybody who

Is always slipping in and out of debt

Even if a love is just two people passing through

Don't regret, don't regret

I've heard that only time will tell

And that if it's real it shows

But what if time can keep a secret

What if true love never knows

Please don't promise to be true

With words that you'll forget

You don't need to believe in me

When all you know is that I haven't hurt you yet

Don't know about tomorrow so just let tomorrow be

Don't regret, don't regret

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