5 CHINESE BROTHERS - Claudine lyrics

I can see you through the window

By the glow from those party lights

But that glow just don't compare

With those tears shining in your eyes

I see you crying and looking across the street

And I'm alone here wishing that you'd look down at me

No one else can see

Kiss me, Claudine

Kiss me, Claudine

Kiss me, Claudine

Kiss me, Claudine

I can hear the people laughing

And I see you put the headphones on

Now you're swaying just a little bit

To some old girl group song

I can't stay much longer out here on the street

But I'm looking straight at you and I'm conquered in this car seat

Are you looking at me?

Kiss me, Claudine...

I wish you'd look at me instead of staring into empty space

But in your eyes are pop star lies the tears of clowns run down your


I think about leaving but I'll stay a while

Wish I could see those party lights reflected in a smile

If we were face to face I don't know what I'd do

If I was only twenty three years old and you were twenty two

g in the Blue Rose Cafe

Talking about great poetry like Walking In the Rain

Would you walk with me

Kiss me, Claudine...

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