5 CHINESE BROTHERS - Baltimore lyrics

Once we won the Series, took it going away

Once we sat on top of the NFL and the NBA

But all that's over now, time went and slammed the door

And even I packed up and left the city of Baltimore

You know, the older we get the more we stay the same

I just found out my radio can pick up the Oriole games

I tune in every half-an-hour to get the score

And remember the day's when I was growing up in Baltimore

Back then I lived in a house, not a one-room flat

I didn't have to work or buy food or do anything like that

And the first girl that I ever loved lived right next door

At night I'd take my dad's car and drive around Baltimore

Something tells me this picture isn't right

Like I'm forgetting how I smashed my dad's car driving stoned one


How my parents fought, how I never even dated the girl next door

How I was just a lonely mixed-up kid in Baltimore

Looking back now, you know I do believe

When I lived in Baltimore, I couldn't wait to leave

Go somewhere else and get a brand-new start

Now I'm dressing up the past 'cause the present is falling apart

The older we get the more we stay the same

Chasing after something that doesn't even have a name

You know, we'll always trade what we've got for what we had before

Everybody's a fool for something, I'm a fool for Baltimore

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