415 - 415 lyrics

[VERSE 1: Richie Rich]

Richie Rich is a factor, a mack, not an actor

Who lounges in the cut and waits just to jack the

Punks who superficially write

Procrastinate, perpetrate, they just bite

I don't really give it much thought, just wax em

Page the posse, grease the Uzis, tax em

And lift up out of there, casualties to rest

Get in the Cutlass, drop the gat and the vest

Have you ever seen a Vogue tire smoke?

Straight on a mission, man, I ain't no joke

See, this is a hype tip, cause in the O that's how we do this

Handlin boys and punks, I thought you knew this

Gangster's bread on a day-to-day basis

And then the punk police, they try to face this

Form of high rollers just walkin the street

Ain't pumped in a year and just because of the heat

The money still long, just livin lavish

Cause see, the boys in the Oak, they gotta have this

Cause it takes money to survive

And the hustlers are a product of the 415


The 4, the 1, the 5

[Bootsy Collins:] (So much mellow mellow at the)

The 4, the 1, the 5

[VERSE 2: Richie Rich]

Now see, the 415 is a district

Should I break it down? Man, I'll get specific

First of all we'll hit turfs

I'll explain, then you can take for what it's worth

Down in the Nineties, 96 to be exact

Lips, Disco, Big Ren and the pack

Big Tim, Ice Tee and Chuck D and the crew

They're all from the school, yes the old and new

But 99th yeah, the big rock

Plymouth, boy, the old narc spot

A lot of brothers now high rollers with fame

The Dirt Road is the block they taught on the game

Now this shot's for the Village and Big Fee

Rest in peace and be strong, Young D

They can take you from the game but not the game from you

And peace to my homies from the 69 Crew

On 85th we got Genie and Big E

Big Nate and F.r.o.g.

Straight old schoolers, pioneers to the game

And in the day 85 Vets was the name

Now 77, Big B and the click

The storefront, beatin brothers with sticks

Ty-Ty, E, the Twins and Long Tone

Damn, it feels good to talk about home

Now Rosedale, this is a street to me

Unknown in the Town, come through, you gettin beat

Cause Shan ain't trippin and neither is Prince

You don't believe me, come through - you'll be convinced

Now let's take a stroll through the park

Sobrante, man yeah, just before dark

Hustlers hustle and everybody O.G.

You ain't family, it ain't the place to be

I got my top down ridin through

I see my partners, Frog, Ron and Boo

We're in a Cougar tryin to get with the hoes

Twice blue, white insides, gold Zeniths and Vogues

And the girls we were jockin were live

But man, that's how we do it in the 415


[VERSE 3: Richie Rich]

To me gettin with a girl means givin up the digits

And maybe tomorrow I come over for a visit

And if you ain't with it, then I'll just forget it

I threw you the line and baby girl, I thought you bit it

So if you weren't choosin, they why were you jockin?

Kenwood system and the Zeus keeps knockin

Yeah, the paint's candy, yeah, Mico sprayed it

Gold ones and Vogues, admit it, you been persuaded

Just another hot one to add to the chart

To the spot to get some Endo, hit the room before dark

Man, she threw it on me, I started to like her

And never thought that down the line that I'd have to strike her

See, the 415 hoes will make you get ruthless

Bumpin their gums and now the hoes come up toothless

Cause in the O only the strong survive

And Richie Riche is a factor in the 415

[VERSE 4: Richie Rich]

You see, Rich is a mack man, I'm flowin off the top now

It's like this, I'm gonna bust a freestyle

The J, the e, the d, the man that's producin me

It's like this, I'm in the place to be

I got Daryl in the back, spinnin tables, not wack

And then my partner Darren hookin it up cause it's like that

You see, the Oakland Town brothers keep poppin

And MC Richie Rich is rappin, cold hip-hopppin

I'm not sweatin it, man, I'm just flowin

Just to let the people know that I'll keep goin

Oakland, California, that's where I'm based

And the brothers out here say this is the place

You see, the crew gets the 'Stangs, the Zeniths, the Daytons

A brother like me, man, I'm just debatin

On why they're shootin questions at a player

Why do people say that Rich ain't a rhyme sayer

Any sucker muthafucka willin to jock

Then Richie Rich'll run his ass straight up off the block

Back in the days, man, I used to spit lyrics

And people used to come close, cause they liked to hear it

Anbd now I spend em in cold '89

Because a brother like me, I'm tryin to leave the grind

So on this note I'm out, only this will decide

Peace to the world from the 415


Believe that shit

[DJ Daryl cuts up:]

(So much mellow mellow at the Hollywood get-down)

(There's so much mellow drama at the Hollywood get-down)

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