3ème Oeil (Le)

3ème Oeil (Le) - Maximome

(verse 1)

Girl I been longin'

to make love to you

& now were alone

so if your in the mood

I will hold you caress you

& slowly undress you my love

that's what I'm gonna do

I can teach you things you've never

known before I know you think

you know it let me show you more

Girl I'm gonna satisfy the woman inside

of you

That's what I'm gonna do


Don't you know I'm bout it baby

I will break you off

(Bout it)

Bout it, Bout it, baby, baby no doubt

ooh we can get it started baby I can set it off


I'm bout it bout it, girl no doubt about it

(I'm bout it bout it)

(verse 2)

What's your desire

Cause I'll light that fire

Baby I'm feelin' like

I just might spend the night lovin' you

I know you want me too

(Girl I can tell you been waitin'

to explode, all your fantasies and every

dream I'll indulge

Girl I'm only offering the love

that you been waitin' for

you'll never ask for more)


I'll put it down to you because it's proper

and anytime you wanna ride

jump on girl...

(chorus to end)

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