3ème Oeil (Le)

3ème Oeil (Le) - Interlude 2

US Forces give the nod, it's a setback for your country

Bombs and trenches all in rows, bombs and threats still ask for more

Divided world the CIA, say who control the issue

You leave us with no time to talk, you can write your own assessment

Sing me songs of no denying, seems to me too many trying

Waiting for the next big thing

Will you know it when you see it, high risk children dogs of war

Now market movements call the shots, business deals in parking lots

Waiting for the meat of tomorrow

Sing me songs...

Everyone is too stoned to start emission

People too scared to go to prison

We're unable to make decisions

Political party line don't cross that floor

L.Ron Hubbard can't save your life

Superboy takes a plutonium wife

In the shadow of Ban The Bomb we live

Sing me songs...


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