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by Walter Egan

I remember when others forget
Back before we learned the way to regret
Love could change the world
Twas all that you need
Now the loves been changed to hunger and greed
In a world of compromises Its hard to know the score
With no chance of winning you hope for a draw
When nobody dreams anymore

Nights were long and late with passion and schemes
More to celebrate well that's how it seemed
Sides were clearer then and easy to choose
With the world to win and nothing to lose
Now the choice between two evils is not a choice at all
No wonder we wonder just what life is for
When nobody dreams anymore


Once it was a revolution but now it's just a war
And even a rich man can't help being poor
When nobody reams any
It's nothing but dying that you're living for
When nobody dreams any nobody dreams any
Nobody dreams anymore

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