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copyright Crystal Lewis, Bob Somma

Send forth the river
Of God within my heart
Let it wash over my soul
With the water of the word
Let the river rise so high
That I be caught up in it
Let it flow and with it bring
Life and healing

Set my sails to catch
Your Spirit in my life
Let the wind of Your love
Take me away
Over the ocean of forgiveness
Let me bathe in Your mercy, soak in Your grace

No, No, No never
Never, no never
Jesus will never let me go
The Bible tells me so
No, No, No never
Never, no never
He promised I'd never be alone
This I know

Make me to be an open vessel
Fill me with your Spirit oh Lord
Restore in my a willingness to pour it out
Create in me an overflow of pure and perfect faith


Bring me to a place of surrender
To the place of letting it all go
Your will is all I long for
Your plan for me my goal
This little one to Him belongs
In my weakness, He is strong
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