311 - Grassroots

You should have already hard you're finished through and soon ya

See that stifling sentences is so much more suspicious

Much worse could come of that so much more delicious

To the dastardly basturdly plans of little mice and men

Ugly rears its head and speaks from now and then

People love to disagree so avoid the endless bout make no attempt

To try and suss the stupid out

But of the racist institutions simple minds belong

Not happy just being human, no wish to get along

Little people need exclusions sucker groups to throng

It makes them feel special it makes them feel strong

Now I got a click but it's more like a family

Not an ethnic trip more like an ethic see

I write the rhyme today tell it to you later

Whether were coming in wack or what it's a waste to be a hater

Graffiti bombs-from the palms-love is so strong

Can't be stopped too long

For the night it will come

Shaped in the form of Mars that stone afar

Ghetto cool Oh well

Now you feel the spell

The color rocks the bell

The king of swing rise to the top

The thythm possessed in ya and it don't stop

The mise is broken The demon locin'

Dropping the bomb and all that is left is the smokin'

Cloakin' chokin; the lyrics are spoken

Infrared vision scopin' condition

Now breakin' 'em all to pieces like a sly rap bandit

Witha fly Lu-Kang kick in Mortal Combat and I land it

So get your own back when I jam it cold and

Hearing about you rhyme style been outmoded

The dopest flow upon the planet

Dope is the word the bro throw up on the down low goddammit

You juice your fucking friends like Dracula

But when we kick you out you're just brokula

You left a big surprise from Pacific Bell

Called all your relatives and your friends in Hell

Now let me tell you something you fucking piece of shit

You'll never have no money, now tell me was it worth it?

You leave a trail of lies that's why you keep moving

We won't come after you we'd only end up provin

In the end revenge send ends to the defendant

I know that statement's true I wear it like a pendant

I know you'll hear this song so I think it's funny

The name is theif or trust and money.

Like Captain Picard we come hard in light years

Our star has long bust but now reappears

In your sky at night rising and immense

Yes you see ourselves in the shine of it

And so passing under the dome of the great sky

Beware we are the stars holmes that you ruled by

Where death reborn into the world is a gift

So the future with no voice of its own will uplift

All is gone

All is calm y'all

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