311 - Galaxy

Between mars and jupiter<br>There's a gap<br>For another planet<br>Now way back yeah<br>Maybe a mad man<br>Just blew the shit<br>Out of it<br>Now we're tryin'<br>To get back<br>In alignment<br>Explains why we<br>Go through cycles<br>Always tryin' to find it<br>Closin' into the age<br>Of aquarius<br>Crazy weather<br>Floods tornadoes<br>Low jet streams<br>Not gettin better<br>Enterin' a twilight zone<br>Activities grown<br>Every single day<br>More people spottin' ufo's<br><br>Let's come together with this<br>New coast shit<br>We got the motherfuckin' kids<br>Now let's freak this shit<br>It's messed up when you're feeling<br>Everything is wrong<br>Takeover the pentagon<br><br>It's fucked up in this paradigm<br>Cuz I'm burnin' fossil fuels<br>I don't even need too<br>Free energy has been harnessed<br>We don't use it why<br>Cuz the techniques been suppressed<br>The hours glass has passed through granules<br>Thats cool we gotta break it<br>Bust all these rules and switch<br>Change up the pitch<br>Rearrange our views and this<br>Dumb shit we'll ditch<br><br>Chorus<br><br>I found a bootleg of the cosmic conscious<br>Then erased it<br>Visualized the breath technique<br>Slowly became it<br>Now something is watchin' me<br>Since I have found the keys<br>To free this energy<br>My high speed light body<br>Cuz the galaxy is crazy<br>It doesn't amaze me<br>That we're livin' out of phase<br>And quickly decaying<br>6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons<br>Is encoded in this plane<br>We live on

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