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I took a walk today through these grey
and dirty streets
Thinking of you, missing you,
and hoping that we'd meet
I didn't tell my legs where to go
They just walked down to the dock
I sat on the edge fighting a shiver
Telling everything I hurt inside

And the river cried 'cause I lost your love
The river cried, oh
The river cried for my lonely soul
The river cried
You were the only one who really knew me
You were the only one in whom I'd confide
And hearing this
The river cried

I saw myself today through these grey
and dirty streets
Did you have to leave this town
or did you just have to leave me?
All these questions echo in my mind
Why didn't I see the signs?
The river keeps flowing, I can't keep going
Waiting for you to return my sigh.

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