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Performed by 311
From the album "National Lampoons' Senior Trip" on Capricorn Records
Music by:  ??? (N. Hexum, C. Sexton & T. Mahoney)
Lyrics by:  ??? (N. Hexum & D. Martinez)
(c) 1995 Allegiance Music/Hydroponic Music BMI
Tabbed by: Greg Parr (gparr@tiger.lsuiss.ocs.lsu.edu)
Lyric help by: Loring Scott (sloring@alpha1.doane.edu)
               Adam Wood (adam311@hotmail.com)
               Robb0311 (Robb0311@aol.com)
               Brandon Borgman (jborgman2@home.com)
The 311 Guitar Archive -- http://bigworm.colorado.edu/311archive/

Main Riff:
Alternate between these two chords:
   Em       G7

Fill 1:
Play this fill at various times during the song:

Lyrics/Song Structure:
---> Play Main Riff over (w/Fill 1 when needed):
   Sunshine are you outside
   I am a simpleton by choice
   Not speaking to hear my voice
   Sunshine, why are you sleeping
   Gotta get outside

   Cover the ground on foot
   Not hitching a ride just could
   Over the river and thru the woods
   Come this far to bring you the goods
   I get high even when I don't try
   (Let 'em / Never pass by with a wink to the eye
   I reserve the right to be stoned
   I reserve the right to take it to 
   Collect them sums I have the right
   Don't try to be
   There's really no point in you biting me
   I'm glad to see that it's easy for me to be (an MC / and then see)
   Let me tell you a little story
   Like my dog Bobby hated the pool man
   So I tried to play Kotter, and make things cool
   And I said just let him smell you, hold out your hand
   He reached his arm out, and then bam
   He bit him, he bit him so fucking hard
   Blood was steady gushing, all over my backyard
   I kept apologizing, I felt so fucking bad
   The dude was so cool, didn't even get mad
   He said man don't sweat it
   That is the dog's meaning
   Took the Neosporin and went back to his cleaning
   Thought i had a dream or else it was a movie
   Your mind can have a joint easy like it was jungle boogie
   Six hundred dollar freebie and I've got no job
   I wish I had more but I got my dog
   Come you can foam the water with the bone
   Wanna tell my mom, ring her on the phone
   Cherry popsicle, icy cold freezing
   Loves it on his gums now that he is teething
   Got a wee wee piss, lay them by the door
   Nasty little shits, dropped them on the floor

   Sunshine are you outside
   I am a simpleton by choice
   Not speaking to hear my voice
   Sunshine, why are you sleeping
   Gotta get outside
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