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'Outside' -- Bass Tab
Performed by 311
From the album "National Lampoons' Senior Trip" on Capricorn Records
Music by:  ???
Lyrics by:  ???
(c) 1995 Allegiance Music/Hydroponic Music BMI
Tabbed by: Neil Burton (billdcat@geocities.com)
311 Guitar Archive - http://chromosome.colorado.edu/311archive/Home.html

Riff 1:


Riff 2:


Song Structure:
Play Riff 1 -----> (10x)
Play Riff 2 -----> (2x)
Play Riff 1 -----> (2x)
Play Riff 2 -----> (2x)
Play Riff 1 -----> (10x)
Play Riff 2 -----> (2x)
Play Riff 1 -----> (2x)
Play Riff 2 -----> (2x)
Play Riff 1 -----> (10x)
Play Riff 2 -----> (2x)
Play Riff 1 -----> (2x)
Play Riff 2 -----> (2x)

== Last Updated:  April 15, 1997 ==
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