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Comes the sun 
Heaven's rays
And the stormers are gone
And the white flag is raised
Golden days
And the city is in love again
And we dream
In a daze
And we drink and we dance
And we throw cares away
Lovers gaze
And the city is in love

My heart it grew dark dear
With you not here
And the cold wind
Is all that would meet me at my door
I waved goodbye and wished you well
Life's a carousel
When it begins you round it never never tells
When you'll find yourself in love again
Love and love again
The merry-go-round never ends
I waved goodbye...

Bitter rose sour plum
And the birds sing to soothe where the roses are stung
Love's begun
And the city is in love again
There's a spell on the air
And the sailors all drift
And wash up in her hair
Hearts are bare
And the soldiers come home again

My heart it grew dark dear
With you not here
And the cold wind
Is all that would dance me
'Round my floor

I waved goodbye...

Love and love again...
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