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combat boots and a scratched up record
signed by the hero of long ago
a pair of vans and some torn up blue jeans
this is his world, that's what he knows
he's gonna find a girl who thinks like he does
gonna grow older but never old
heard his first punk song when he was 16
minor threat I think it was
24 now - hates his job
used to know why - now it's just because
skates a lot - he likes the older wheels
big and green with independent trucks
had a girlfriend, they broke up last week
she said his friends were useless fucks
he's gonna find a girl who thinks like he does
gonna grow older but never old
he's following a different drum
for him these are the years of gold
in high school the teachers thought he was stupid
but he got A's when he wanted to in class
he's watching out for the football jocks
so far they haven't kicked his ass
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