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This song is called All That I Need Is To Be Loved, let's play it a little faster

One two LET'S GO!
All that I need is to be loved
Can't you take this out of me?
All I want is to be near you
Oh dear god won't you please heal me?


All that I love for is to live
Can't you make me out of this?
All I love for me to be with you
Oh my god won't you please heal me?


So long
In my hands
Fell her
So it's gone
Fell lone one
My hand
Said no one understand
When I was here
So low
What I was saying
So it's gone
So I go
Loves her, gone
I said it's no too, one two, one two fuck you!
All that I need is to be loved
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

Thank you very much, my name's Moby
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