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Artist : 3 Doors Down

Song   : Loser
tabbed by Ricardo A. Valles; Ricky1782@hotmail.com

After I submitted the Kryptonite tab, I received an e-mail to
tab out this song so here it is.

Chords Used

    G   D   D/E C         G   D   D/E  E   C   A
e|--3---5---5---3---| G|------7---7----9---5------|
B|--3---5---5---3---| D|--5---7---5-or-9---5---7--|
G|--4---7---7---5---| A|--5---5---7----7---3---7--|
D|--5---7---5---5---| E|--3--------------------5--|
A|--5---5---7---3---| Power Chords
E|--3---5---5---3---| Used

Intro/Verse (Clean)

Fig 1. (Guitar 1/ Clean)

[G] [D] [D/E] [C]

this intro goes on into the verse then guitar 2 (distorted) plays
the following:

Fig 2. (Guitar 2/ Light Distortion)


Verse 2

After a couple of reps of Fig 1. w/ Fig 2. in the verse, guitar 2
strums the power chords while guitar one goes from playing Fig 1.
to basically strumming the chords in order (G,D,D/E or E, C).

Guitar 1: Strums G,D,D/E or E (getting tired of repeating this
now you know its either one of the chords), and C.

Guitar 2 (Light Distortion):

(Get the rythim from the song, this is just to give you an idea of how
it goes.)


After playing the verse for a while there is a change in chords, like a
bridge sort of thing. The chords for that are A, C, G. that's it.

Guitar 1 (Clean)
Strum chords A,C,G.

Guitar 2 (Light Distortion)

This is pretty much the whole song, like I always say
get the rythim from the song =). If you have any questions
e-mail me.


He spends his nights in California, watching
the stars on the big screen
Then he lies awake and he wonders, why
Can?t that be me
Cause in his life he is filled with all these good intentions
He?s left a lot of things he?d rather not
Mention right now
But just before he says goodnight, he looks
up with a little smile at me and he says..

[Chorus:]If I could be like that,
I would give anything
Just to live one day, in those shoes
If I could be like that, what would I do,
What would I do

Now and dreams we run

She spends her days up in the north park,
Watching the people as they pass
And all she wants is just a little piece of
This dream, is that too much to ask
With a safe home, and a warm bed, on a
quiet little street
All she wants is just that something to
Hold onto, that?s all she needs


I?m falling into this, dreams
We run away


Falling in
I feel I am falling in, to this again
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