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"Be Like That" - 3 Doors Down
Taken from the album "The Better Life"
g* d* d* g* d* g* d* d* d* a* e* d* a* d* g* e* d*
E ----------3-------------------------------------------------
B ----------------3-----------------5-------------------------
G ----------------------------7-----------7-----------------7-
D ----5--------------5-----------7-----------7--------5-------
A -------5--------------5--5--------------------5--7-----7----
E -3-----------------------------------------------0----------
e* d* g* c* g* c* d* e* d* g*
E ----------------------------0----------------------
B ----5-----------------3--------3-------------------
G -------7--------o-----------------0-----7--9--5----
D ----------5--------------------------5--7--9--5----
A -------------3-----3-----------------5--5--7--3----
E -------------------------------------3-------------
The last 4 power chords at the end are what's played for the chorus
The following are the chords for the bridge
E ---------------
B ---------------
G ----------7----
D -7--10-5--7----
A -7--10-5--5----
E -5--8--3-------
Verse 1(guitar 1 continues intro)
He spends....
Verse 2(guitar 1 continues intro, guitar 2(electric) strums
following chords once)
(G) (D)
(Em) (C)
(G) (D)
(Em) (C)
Chorus(both guitars play following chords)
(G) (D)
(Em) (C)
(G) (D)
(Em) (C)
Middle 1(guitar 2 plays solo, guitar 1 strums rythym)
Verse 3(guitars as verse 1)
She spends...
Verse 4(guitars as verse 2)
With a...
(G) (D)
(Em) (C)
(G) (D)
(Em) (C)
(guitars continue as for chorus)
..falling into blessed dreams
we'll run away
Middle 2(guitar as intro)
If I...
Repeat chorus X2
(E) (D)
(E) (D)
(E) (D)
There was just a little problem with the end of the intro but I fixed it
and it sounds perfect now. I hope you enjoy it.
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