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Subject: 3/3_doors_down/away_from_the_sun.tab

Artist:  3 Doors Down
Title:   Away from the Sun
Album:   Away from the Sun
Submitted and Tabbed by Ghost


Guitar 1:  Clean with Phasor
Guitar 2:  Dirt, no effects
Not completely sure of the scale thing at the end of the chorus phrase,
any imput welcome. 
Theres a second guitar picking out the chords in the bridge too.  Kinda
hard to hear all of that.
Watch the Gadd4 in the bridge.
Have fun, this is an awesome song!
    Gtr I
    F?               Am7           C                G? 

  F?                 Am7              G                      3x
  Gtr II
F5                        F5
Bridge and Ending
  Am       Gadd4    F      G


lead at the end of the bridge
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