2 Sweet Love

2 Sweet Love - Give Me Your Gold lyrics

i am the savior sent to rid the world of its fools

i make the rules so bring me your riches and your jewels

throw the corpses of the snitches in the ditches

and let them sleep under the stars tonight

i am laughing at you in my grave

under all the dirt and decay

since you wished me away

catapult the culprits head into town

shoulda ran for your lives while the beast was down

im not taking a holiday

cause business is boomin the beauties are swooning

im not whiping my cares away

(cause they keep me from sleeping when the daylight is creeping)

do my bidding

or be rid of me

crucify this catastrophe

we are the highest highs, the undertows, the darkest minds with frail bones who fall drunk in love to drive ourselves home

stand in line to kneel at my throne

i found a place only gold hands can touch me, with diamond ring fingers each one entrusted

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