2 RUDE - Thinkin' About You lyrics

(feat. Latoya, Miranda, Smoothe Da Hustler, Snow)


It was a lonely, long, and grimey night

I go to see my girl, my Madonna

I've been so lonely, I've been thinkin' 'bout you

[Latoya & Miranda]

It never fails, no matter what I do

I find myself locked up in thoughts of you

Over your kiss, I reminisce by sweet sunlight

And it's your titanic touch, that takes my mind at night

'Cause when I'm with you love is so real it's like sweet pain

Just the thought of you takes away the rain

There's nothing I'd rather do than keep you on my mind

Days are short enough, so I don't waste my time

Locked up in you, your love is true, what am I to do?

Wanna make this real, 'bout how I feel, boy what's the deal?

Your love is so real, you got me, you got me



Hey, way-yo-yeah

Think about you all the time you go away

Hey, know what you say

Spend a little time with me

Get freaky, be your fantasy

Let's ride, let's ride, let's ride


Whoever wanna tangle better be ready to hang

I don't tie knots, why not? that ain't my thing (foo')

Catch me blazin' up in my whip, catchin' attitudes

When my flight's delayed, I flip, then I'm raisin' up

Pop the cork and, rearrange and stop your walkin'

The solo type with tigher game than dolomite

I got ya hopin' I stay around, I don't play around

When I rise, I lay it down, bless it and leave

I don't hang around, I'm too rude to be forgotten

You're feelin me right, boo?

That's what you get for stopin'


[Latoya & Miranda]

In the middle of the night or broad daylight

Won't put up a fight

I'll just relax and let my thoughts take flight

While your honey rides control my world,

boy, my mind 24-7

What can I do?

You know you've got that butter love

I'm thinkin' of, baby you stay on my mind

I'm so 'bout you

Oh, I'm captivated, I can't maintain it

I just don't know what to do


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