2 Pac

2 Pac - Me Against The World lyrics

It's just me against tha world<br><br>Ooohhhhh ooohhhhh<br><br>Just me against tha world baby<br><br>Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh<br><br>I got nothin' ta lose<br>It's just me against tha world<br><br>Ohhhhh<br><br>Stuck in tha game<br>Me against tha world baby<br><br>Can you picture my prophecy? <br>Stress in tha city<br>Tha cops is hot for me<br>Tha projects is full of bullets<br>Tha bodies is droppin'<br>There ain't no stoppin me<br>Constantly moven while maken millions<br>Witnessin' killins<br>Leavin dead bodies in abandoned buildings<br>Caries tha children<br>Cause they're illin'<br>Addicted to killin'<br>A near appeal from tha cap pealin'<br>What I'm feelin'<br>But will they last or be blasted<br>Hard headed bastard<br>Maybe he'll listen in his casket<br>Tha aftermath<br>More bodies being buried<br>I'm losen my homies in a hurry<br>They're relocating to tha cemetary<br>Got me worried<br>Stressin'<br>My visions bluried<br>Tha question is will I live<br>No one in tha world loves me<br>I'm headed for danger<br>Don't trust strangers<br>Put one in tha chamber<br>Whatever I'm feelin' is anger<br>Don't wanna make excuses<br>Cause this is how it is<br>What's tha use<br>Unless we're shootin'<br>No one notices tha youth<br>It's just me against tha world baby<br><br><br>Chorus<br>Ooohhhhh<br>Me against tha world<br>It's just me against tha world<br>Ooohhhhh<br><br>It's just me against tha world<br>Me against tha world<br>Cause it's just me against tha world baby<br><br>Me against tha world<br><br>Ooohhhh yeeah<br><br>I got nothin' ta lose<br>It's just me against tha world baby<br><br>I got nothin' ta lose<br><br>[dramacydal's verse]<br><br>Could somebody help me? <br>I'm out here all by myself<br>Seeing ladies in stores<br>Baby capones<br>Livin wealthy<br>Pictures of my birth<br>On tha surface what I'm dreamin'<br>Seein' daddy seein'<br>Full of crooked deamons<br>Already crazy and screamin'<br>I guess them nightmares as a child<br>Had me scared<br>But left me prepared<br>For awhile<br>Is there another route? <br>For crooked outlaws<br>That are in a villian of young thugs<br><br>Everday is more death<br>Plus I'm more rollin<br>I'm seein more beatens<br>For me<br>To proceed with fear<br>Scheme on schemeing<br>Amd leavin' their peeps grievin'<br>Cause ain't no bucks ta stack up<br>My nuts is backed up<br>I'm about ta act up<br>Go load tha mack up<br>Now watch me klack up<br>Try makin' fat cuts<br>But yo it ain't workin<br>And evils lurken<br>I can see him smirken<br>When I gets tha bourbon<br>So what<br>Go put some work in<br>And make my mail<br>Makin' sells<br>Risken 25 with a 'l'<br>But oh well<br><br>Chorus<br>Me against tha world<br>With nothin' ta lose<br>It's just me against tha world<br><br>Ooohhhh<br><br>It's just me against tha world baby<br>Me against tha world<br>I got nothin' ta lose<br>It's just me against tha world<br><br>Heeeyyy<br><br>It's just me against tha world baby<br><br>With nothin ta lose<br>It's just me against tha world baby<br>Me against tha world<br><br>Me against tha world<br><br>I got nothin' ta lose<br>It's just me against tha world baby<br><br>Heeeyyy<br><br>[tupac's verse]<br><br>With all this extra stressin'<br>Tha question I wonder is after death<br>I feel my last breath<br>When will I finaly get to rest from this supression<br>They punish tha people that's askin questions<br>And those that possess<br>Steal from tha ones without possesions<br>Tha message I stress<br>To make it stop<br>Study your lessons<br>Don't settle for less<br>Even tha genius asks questions<br>Be gratifull for blessins<br>Don't ever change<br>Keep your essense<br>Tha powers in tha people and tha politics we address<br>Always do your best<br>Don't let this pressure make ya panic<br>And when ya get stranded<br>And things don't go tha way ya planed it<br>Dreaming of richs<br>In a position of makin' a difference<br>Polititions and hipocrites<br>They don't wanna listen<br>If I'm insane<br>Then tha fame ain't about ta change<br>It wasn't nothin' like tha game<br>It's just me against tha world<br><br>Chorus<br>Me against tha world<br>Nothin ta lose<br>It's just me against tha world baby<br><br>Me against tha world<br>Got me stuck in tha game<br>It's just me against tha world<br>Ooohhhh<br><br>I'm outshining [? ? ? ] tha news<br>It's just me against tha world baby<br>Hahaha<br>Me against tha world<br>That's right...<br>I know it seem hard someties, but uh...<br>Remember one thing<br>Through every dark night<br>There's a bright day after that<br>So no matter how hard it get<br>Stick ya chest out<br>Keep ya head up<br>And handle it<br><br>Me against tha world<br>Me against tha world<br>Me against tha world<br>Fades...

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