2 LOW - Funky lil brotha lyrics

[2 Low]

You can call me T double o to the L-o-double - yo

I'm 2 Low, that funky little brother, yo

Comin back with a brand new cut

And you can new jack swing on my -

Cause I got this here so tight

A young playa doin damage to the mic (you sho' right)

I'm 13, but I ain't dumb

So bring it on if you little bustas want some

Cover your dome because it's on once again

And I'm a young playa that's known to win

I got my street sense from these hardcore streets, trick

And I'm comin real, cause I ain't bumpin no weakin

Pass me the mic and let me kick it for the old folks

All the O.G.'s back in the hood that once sold dope

Jammin 'Happy Feelings', I'm leavin on the next train

Learnin the game, so when I'm grown I be set, mayn

Got a bank account, so I can stack some g's

And have nice things like Cutlass on d's

Fresh candy paint, kickin it live

And hit them switches before I'm old enough to drive

My teachers can't stand me cause I give em no respect

But I ain't sayin "M'am, yes M'am" until you're signin me a check

So you can miss 2 Low with the bump rap

I'm gettin paid, makin a's, forget the dumb crap

You ain't my mother, so that means I'm not your son

So in reality, miss, you gets none

I'm gettin busy, gettin busy on this track for ya

Funky - yeah, cause I'm the funky lil brotha


(I'm just your funky lil brotha)

Cause I'm the funky little - brotha

(I'm just your funky lil brotha)

Cause I'm the funky little - brotha

(I'm just your funky lil brotha)


Here we go once again with the real hits

Throw your hands in the air if you can feel this

I bring styles after styles after styles, dukes

I can't be faded with this here, cause I'm a young troop

I sport them Nikes, not the Reeboks or K-Swiss

And while I'm on the subject of feet, let me say this

I beat your down like I'm Bruise Lot

And let me squash this here: real gees do die

Give it to me, baby, let me show you what my juice like

Let me hit the switches, let me show you what my juice like

Rippin up shop for '94 like a chainsaw

Makin them say, "Oh man, little bro raw!"

And I can square this here off right

I'm straight from [Name] where these gees don't fist-fight

They got they 9mm ??????

Tust enough to get your punk butt licked up

It's not 'bout the set I claim, cause I don't bang

I'm just a gee from the hood who let em hang

And that's word to the mother, your funky lil brotha

(You'se the funky little what?)

Cause I'm your funky lil - brotha



Yeah man

Yeah man!

It's goin down right here

Me and you

What up


Where is Cedric?

Where is Cedric?

[2 Low]

Here I am

Here I am


Well, how are you today, Sir?

[2 Low]

Very fine, I thank you


Well, smoke one, fool

[2 Low]

I don't do that, fool

[Scarface (2 Low)]

Well, it's Face rippin shop with my funky lil brotha

(I'm the funky lil brotha, that's word to the mother)

Pass the killer, lil brotha, let me hit me some dank

(I ain't with that, homie, I'm tryin to make me a bank)

I pass it over to my brother, now he's ready to flow

(You crank it up, damn fool, cause I'm ready to go)

I be the Face (I be the Low) and we the real deal

Puttin bustas on they back like we Evander Holyfield

(Flowin on the beat is what I'm known for)

And the funky lil brotha is who this song for

Once upon a time there lived Lucky

But Lucky got bucked because Lucky tried to buck me

(Tried to buck you how?) Hey yo, I gave that boy some scratch

He came up short, that's when he got sidetracked

Had to cut him up like a tractor

With that pick-pick-pick, you little busta, I holler atcha

(But you ain't gotta worry with that mark no mo')

Why you say that, Low? (Cause I'm the funky lil brotha, yo)

You kinda right

But you trippin, you trippin!

Come on!



That's fat, that's fat

In the house like that

Come on, come on!

Hey, hey [Name]

Is that funky or what?

What you gonna say about that, eh, Joe, Mike Dean?

That's what's on?



Hey, what's up Jay?

I see you ??? on the horn

We just gon' roll out with the track

Come on

(I'm just your funky lil brotha)

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