2-4 Family

2-4 Family - Stay (jay´s D-style Mix) lyrics

2-4 FamilyStay (Jays D-Style remix)StayOne More DayGood

job is taken to townStay, dont runaway,

please lord just one more dayDont be walkin awayUh,

thats right (x4)Fly Thai :It be I the Fly Thai ,

with the slanted eyes ,uhWhen Im high to decide to

lieDont cry cause your guy gotta fly ,

bye byeShouldve known hed be leavin you soonTakin trips

to the roomWhile your home in the afternoonLate night

keepin while you sleepinChiefin like an IndianBlowin

smoke like an eng.And Its all about the benjaminsSippin

Jink Mu-senseWhen its time to take it inAnd post it

up in a playas handGotta say ,

Its still the way ,No other wayFrom day to day ,

its still about the fuckin payPaper chase ,

we can chase the gameDont come into my face if you

cant get glameNow you feelin ashame ,

keep poppin changeChorus:Stay,

dont runaway, please lord just one more dayDont be

walkin awayStay, dont runaway,

please lord just one more dayDont be walkin awayLilBit

:LilBit that southern chick ,

still runnin shitShake your hoes dont play me slickWhen

I flip the script ,youll get your ass wippedGot shit

from the Nigga on my tipsSpread lies off his lips ,

and surprised that you missWhen you saw me with the

Ice on the wristSaw he actually kisses me with the

bullshit try to push itJealousy ,

Jealousy ,Got your ass dismissedJD :Uh ,

uh ,uhI be the J D , this be my remixGot beats by the

pound , call me for your fixSo long ,

you held me backTold me my tracks was wackNow I got

mad props too, we wont stopChorus x 1Jazz :Now we bubblin

, bubblin , bubblin like VolcanoThis shit hits your

chest hot like you was drinkin dranosano sano ,

Love me and say no mosnap you to the floor show you

what we got in storethis be the one imga six foot dripthe

one who represents the Arm ,

a Leg , a Leg , Arm to the HeadI like your punk ass

deadO matter fact Ill let you live insteadSo you can

bear witnessTo the lyrical fitnessSo pay close attention

to the chant as I spit thisComing from the Fam known

as the 24So all you party people come jam on the dance

floorChorus x 2(And then comes the superb finish from

J.D.dont miss it. All I can tell you that he isnt signingor

rappinjust playin instrument with his mouth)

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