1200 TECHNIQUES - Karma lyrics



What goes around comes around right? (right)

How you treat people is how they treat you back

Disrespect them or knock them

They gonna slap you back (yer)

Sometimes it hurts

And thats bad karma

Watch out for it


How am I supposed to live in a world of negatives

How am I supposed to love in a world full of push and shove

How am I supposed to breathe in a world full of lust and greed

Well I guess I'll have to live day to day

and pray to god that'll I'll be ok, ay ay

[Verse 1]

These fat raps think they fit like they The Iron Man

I got the iron tounge and the iron hand

I make the final stand

The final showdowns come round and hit ya

As I throw down my gauntlet so switch the picture

If ya, look in the mirror you bound to get a reflection

Like with, every action there is a reaction

with your, dodgy actions you causing negative drama

And if you know gods law you best watch for karma

Now I'm a bomb ya

Running your traps like tacks

You think you floating on the cream

You and your rat pack

While I'm take that thought back now lets dwell

How I should lock you like jail cells so we can exhale

I'm a bull and (you's a matador)

I'm seeing red

(You outta swords)

I'm a target like


You floating in space like astronauts

I started off last but now I'm first while ya shakin I cut off like

umbilicals at birth


[Verse 2]

I look around the city and its all such a pity

everybody trying to be pretty don't care for nitty gritty

I look around the block nobodys playing hopscotch

there to busy on the internet surfing that rap

[Verse 3]

Just converse kind of rude like

(so what you trying to prove mate)

I say, (nothing I'm just trying to build the feeling I live like you)

I got plans to take this city up to senate

As lifes one big race and want all entrys to win it

If your not with it, like quitters then get out of my face

You got no place in my grace with your grimace

Your a disgrace with a desire

You need to recon through your fire and look higher higher! look around!

I got sounds that help you get down so you can get up

But oh boy i'm sick of raps that get me fed up

Yer they make me wanna throw up cause they gotta grow up

But well I'll be feeling a beard and I'll be Sailing like NOAH


[Interlude 1]

Melbourne.....To Sydney......To Brisbane...Darwin.... To

Perth.....Adelaide.... Tassy

And all Across the OZ..Z..I..E...

[Verse 4]

Picture on the quota its time to roll

I will continue like part two with no to and fro

Aiming at infinity, start a nasty road

had to leave the poor luck souls before they fall so

I got a key to the door and I'm searching for the keyhole

And when I unlock the door I'm bringing love to my people

unlike these Fickle Fanatics that wanna cause death

cut holes flake praying we fall to hells depth

As I watch and see all our progress regress

as what goes up comes down never the less

We're stung by the horror, cold hearts with armour

boomerang effect as we all face our karma


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