10cc - L A Inflatable

(Featuring Quincy Jones & Heavy D)

[Heavy D.] (Brandy)

Uh (oh yeah)

Bring the funk

Big Heav in da house

Yeah, get down

Talk about it, huh (umm mmmh)

Check this out

Original (oh oh oh)

Keep it movin'

Baby don't stop

Love the way we doin' Hip Hop

Oh yeah, like this

Check it (oh whoah oh)

[Heavy D.]


Rock you, I got you

Tru dat, now who dat?

But you at? Brandy

I knew that

The Q joint, the new point

The funk fellas ???

R&B and Rap fanatic


Smooth criminals

Ooh wee we lovable, huggable, snuggable


H to the E to the A to the V to the Y

Brandy sweet like candy, get fly


Boy, close your eyes

Let the rhythm get into you

Don't try to fight it

There ain't nothing that you can do, oh oh

Relax your mind

Lay back and groove with my mine

You gotta feel that heat

And we can ride the boogie

Share that beat of love


I wanna rock with you (all the night)

Dance you into day ('til the sunlight)

I wanna rock with you (all the night)

Rock the night away


Boy, out on the floor

There ain't nobody there but us

Boy, when you dance, when you dance

There's a magic that must be love, oh oooh

Just take it slow, uh

We got so far to go

When you feel that heat

And we're gonna ride the boogie

Share that beat of love



And when the groove is dead and gone (dead and gone)

You know that love survives

And we can rock forever, oh whoa oh

[Heavy D.]

Overseas trashin'

My passion for Hip Hop


I clock dollas and a rip spot

Make moves, smooth do's like Q

Attract fly honeys with exotic

??? and money

I can make it hotter


Freshman, so don't test me

You go 1, 2, 3 and B's in da house

And I'm out

Chorus Out

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