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This is Don't call us as covered By the 10K_Maniacs
the original was written by some school children ......... 
this appears as a b_side to the eat for two 7" e.p. with the companion track
for say goodbye
chords/Tab Mark-Alexandr Brown m.brown2@ic.ac.uk corrections/comments adored

In brisk reggae up stokeing of bare chords maybe 6/8 time 120 b.p.m.

w/o chorus    INTRO
slide up
G -12-12-12---------7-7-7-5-5- four times
Keys play
    G                D    C

with heavy chorus effect   Guitar chords Keys does other stuff VERSE 1

G                 C
Every day I go to school even though the worst might fool
I study hard to make the grade, 'cause they say I got it made

w/o chorus PRECHORUS

G		C		G		D
Guess we know you want to work guess we know you're not a jerk
G               C            G                  D (maybe keys play Bm)
dont call us we'll call you 'cause we're kids to interview.


 G -12-12-12---------7-7-7-5-5

    G               D     C	Twice
then Verse 2 (chorus back on)

I sit in class ,what a bore wanting to get out the door
This education seems no point ,I just can't wait to leave this joint



then instrumental verse fast struming of notes with heavy chorus

D --17-17-17-17-17-17-17---12-10- or some other (G to D to C)
seven times then
D --17-17-17-17-17-17-17---19-21-  (G to A to B)
this is over verse chord progression


Verse 3

If girls can grow boys can sew a fair exchange of skills to know
for such a qualitys no contest do the job thats the real test


twice, end on slide up to G
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