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Where's my dick at?
My snare, my snare, my dick?
My snare, where's my snare at?
All ya'll niggas try to play me
But all ya'lls bitches wanna have my babies (Daddy)
Ain't none of ya'll that can try to hate me
Cause all ya'lls rhymes don't even phase me
My flow, it's like Limp Bizkit's meat gravy
I'm lazy, licking ya'lls balls cause I'm crazy
(?) my neck shows the rap game tazed me
All ya'll niggas can't phase me, WHAT?!
Boostilicious in his own fucking class
With a 2-inch dick for your motherfucking ass
Any nigga try to step, he get slash
You grab my stash, or mount up on my dash (Biatch!)
I shred ya'll like cheese
Throw you in a taco like a Mexican police
You all knows my steez
I be, the nigga that goes down on his sister
But the sister don't get on her knees, PLEASE!
You best not be fucking with Boostikakaaa...
Fresh out the penn
Straight looking for some bean to clean my ween
If you know what I mean (Bitch!)
I'm the nasty nigga
With squid(?) on my mind
Lotion in the bathroom cause I jack off all the time
I'll get you from behind
And won't give you time
To escape the stake that makes you late for all the days
They'll have to wait, WHAT?!
About 30 seconds is all it takes
I'm lame, but let me explain the game, dame
Premature ejaculation is just a phase
My weiner is like eating a free pizza that you did not pay for on a plate
So let's date
And buy me lots of food and I'll get you in the mood
To leave ya'll bitches with attitude, CHEERS!
What the fuck?
Where's the motherfucking barbeque at? SHIEET!
Where's all my niggas at?
Where's all my bitches at?
Get out of Boosti's wallet (I am the king!)
You must be smoking crack
You know your booty's wack
You make me want to vomit (I am the king!)
Yo, did someone mention a barbeque?
Will there be fried chicken there?
Alright, listen up right quick now
I'm the man with the plan and the white van
Rolling on big ass rims like theys hoola-hoops
All around town in the city of n00bz
Where the bitches get played
And the players get paid
I gots a big ass dick that is putting bitches in pain
Yous just a trick ass bitch thats gonna swallow what I came
I got a mic and a beat and that's all that I need
To make a bitch start begging to be on her knees (Please)
I'm like a pizza
White and cheesy
I can feed a family of four, WHAT? You want more?
At night I get sleezy
So fucking pimp you can call me easy (Easy?)
You're a clown
And now you're laying down on the ground with a frown on your face
And your style is wack
And I'm the mack
I'm no fucking thief but I know at any point I can steal your girl if I wanted to
But I don't because she's fat (OH!)
I wouldn't even touch with Boosti's dick
And if it meant all the not-whites in the world would vanish
I still wouldn't touch her (Oh)
And she's probably really hungry
Hungrier than your whole fucking family at a barbeque in Compton
With Kool-Aid, fried chicken (fried chicken?), and watermelon (and watermelon?)
BIATCH! Shiet.
Not-whites, not-whites
Taking over my town
Not-whites when I look around
Not-whites when my wallet is gone
Not-whites when my car is broken into (Motherfuck that!)
Where's all my niggas at?
Where's all my bitches at?
I just got mugged
All I saw was eyes and teeth
I don't know
Yo, I like pussy
Any kind that I can get, I'm not choosy
No, just as long as it's wet
If it's not then I'm gonna use my fingers and my face
I'm going to lick it for an hour
Or maybe even seis(six in spanish) until it gets wet
Then I'm gonna hit that
Hopefully you're not fat
Yo yo yo, fat chicks need love too
Check it, check it, yo aight?!
Yo, I like fat chicks
Cause they suck me for days
I got this tiny weiner so hot bitches complain
I'm not afraid
To stick my piece where the hole is the size of Africa and full of yeast
They fat girls, they love to eat
If I throw them a Reeses then they all fall to pieces
And immediately suck on my piece
Fat girls need loving too, hey!
Yo Boost, everybody's talking about like how fat girls need love,
And like, barbeques
But like, what I wanna know is
What about me? How do I get love?
Ah shit, fuck all that, you know
Come over and bend your little sweet ass over
I can do a little giraffe baby up in yo ass, playa
What the fuck?
Where's the motherfucking barbeque at? SHIEET!
Where's all my niggas at?
Where's all my bitches at?
Get out of Boosti's wallet (Did someone mention a barbeque?)
You must be smoking crack
You know your booty's wack
You make me want to vomit (Will there be fried chicken there?)
Where's all my niggas at? (Not-whites, not-whites)
Where's all my bitches at? (Taking over my town)
Get out of Boosti's wallet (Not-whites when I look around)
You must be smoking crack (Not-whites when my wallet is gone)
You know your booty's wack (Not-whites when my car is broken into)
You make me want to vomit (Where's all my niggas at? Where's all my bitches at?)
(I just got mugged, all I saw was eyes and teeth)
(All I saw was eyes and teeth)
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