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The Maniacs apparently play this in D, which I find impossible to sing.  
This is how I play it (same changes, just transposed).

A CAMPFIRE SONG (10,000 Maniacs)
Words & music: Natalie Merchant

INTRO: G D/F# Em D C ... D G

(G)            D                   Em                     C
 A lie to say "Oh, my mountain has coal veins and beds to dig
G             D                 C                D
 Five hundred men with axes and they all dig for me"
(same chords)
A lie to say "Oh, my river where many fish do swim
Half of your catch is mine when you haul your nets in"

               C               G              C          G        D
CHORUS: Oh no, never will he believe that his greed is a blinding ray
           C          G           C
        No devil or redeemer will cheat him
                       G                  Em    D    (First ending: C  D G)
        He'll take his gold to where he's lying cold

A lie to say "Oh, my mine gave a diamond big as a fist"
But for every gem in his pocket, the jewels he has missed
A lie to say "Oh, my garden is growing taller by the day"
He only eats the best and tosses the rest away

CHORUS: end with
        C    D           G
         Six deep in the grave

SOLO: Dsus4 D Cmaj9 Dsus4

            C                    Gmaj9   G/B  C             D    
BRIDGE: His oldest pain      and fear in life      There'll not be time
                   (Something is out of reach, something he wanted)
            C                    Gmaj9   G/B  C           D   
        His oldest pain      and fear in life    There'll not be time
                   (Something is out of reach, he's being taunted)
           C               Gmaj9  G/B       C        G               C
        Oh no,                          hey hey,
             (Something is out of reach,        that he can't beg or steal)
        D          G (go right into verse)
        Nor can he buy

A lie to say "Oh, my forest has trees that block the sun
And when I cut them down I don't answer to anyone"

CHORUS, then repeat chorus chords with "La la la..."

        Em      D       C       D      G
ENDING: Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely man
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